Credit Sense: Protect & Manage Your Credit for FREE

With Nothing More than A Savings Account!

Why is a credit score important?

Your credit score is more than just a number – it’s a way for lenders to determine whether you are eligible for a loan, the amount of the loan, interest rate, and your payment – important stuff when you are planning for your future.

What is Credit Sense?

Credit Sense is a comprehensive program designed to help you stay on top of your credit…. for FREE!

You’ll get your credit score, an understanding of the key factors that impact it, and access to special loan and credit card offers that can help you reduce interest costs. With this program, you’ll always know where you stand with your credit and where you can potentially save money.

This program will also monitor your credit report on a daily basis to help you keep an eye out for identity theft. You’ll be informed by email if any big changes are detected – a new account has been opened, a change in address or employment occurs, a delinquency has been reported, or an inquiry has been made.

How do I enroll?

It’s simple! Just log-in to your online banking and click on the credit score dial to the right hand side of your screen (see below). You’ll verify your social security number, answer a few quick enrollment questions and then you’re all set!

Once you have enrolled, you will also be able to access Credit Sense through our mobile app so you can check your score on the go!