Are you looking to take a vacation, buy new furniture‚ make major car repairs or consolidate debt? Whatever your reason for borrowing‚ a Louviers FCU personal loan is the answer. We offer three types of personal loans including a Share Secured Loan‚ a Signature Loan and a Line of Credit.

Signature Loan

A Signature Loan requires only your signature as collateral for the loan. Signature loans are available for terms up to 5 years.

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Open-End Line of Credit

Borrow up to $10‚000 with a Line of Credit Loan. Whenever you need funds‚ simply make a draw against the available credit limit. These loans require only your signature as collateral and are granted on the member’s ability to repay. A Line of Credit Loan is available for a maximum term of 60 months.

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Share Secured Loan

With a Share Secured Loan, you may use the funds in your Savings Account and your Share Certificates as collateral for the amount borrowed. (Note: IRAs and Preferred Share Accounts cannot be used as collateral.) By pledging funds in an existing account as collateral‚ you will receive a reduced interest rate on the loan. For example‚ if you want to borrow money to take a vacation‚ you have two choices. One‚ you can take out a Signature Loan. This loan allows you to borrow money using just your signature — no collateral required, but the interest rate will be higher. Or, you can take out a Share Secured Loan‚ pledge funds in an existing account as collateral and receive a lower interest rate.

The funds you pledge as loan collateral are not available for withdrawal until you begin to make payments on your loan. Your funds will become available for withdrawal in direct accordance with the amount of principal paid.

Term lengths on your Share Secured Loan will vary based on your purpose of the loan and the amount you borrow.

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