LFCU Supports UD Center For Economic Education & Entrepreneurship in Funding of ‘Economics for Kids’ Series Lesson

Louviers Federal Credit Union recently supported the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware in funding the creation of the book ‘How Daniel Got What He Wanted’. The book is lesson three in a series of economic lessons for school age children called Economics for Kids and focuses on the lesson that people can satisfy their needs by both borrowing and saving.

Since the books distribution to classrooms throughout Delaware, it has received rave reviews from teachers and was ultimately turned into a video on the St. Louis Federal Reserve website as part of their Explore Economics series. Louviers Federal Credit Union is thrilled to have gotten to play a small part in educating children on borrowing and saving.

So where does the main character, Daniel, do all of his saving you ask? You guessed it….the Credit Union!